Turbo Garden 24-Volt Cordless Electric
04.03.2016 15:35

Turbo Garden introduces the 24 Volt cord/cordless Lawn & Garden package with 3 tools, 2 batteries, and the patented 120V electric converter. The package includes the Turbo Garden Grass Trimmer with a 14 inch cutting diameter. Also included is the Turbo Garden Hedge Trimmer with an 18 inch blade length. Finally, the Turbo Garden Leaf Blower with a 135 mph blow speed. Cordless products are primarily used for light duty projects. They are lightweight, quiet, and easy to use, but should not be used for medium to heavy duty projects. The Turbo Garden 24 Volt Cordless Grass Trimmer is great for trimming grass and small weeds. The 24V Blower can help blow grass clippings, dust, dirt, and dry leaves. The 24V hedge trimmer works great on small shrubs and small bushes around the yard. The 120 Volt converter can be plugged in to help when the battery runs out, or if you need a little more power.


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