To know about black and decker bv5600 leaf blower vaccuum
04.03.2016 15:43
black and decker bv5600 leaf blower vaccuum

The Blacker and Decker bv5600 represents a huge leap forward for one of the biggest sellers of leaf blowers in the industry. The main criticism of leaf blowers from consumers has been the sheer noise they create while operating. Thanks to their new testing procedure, Black and Decker has been able to reduce noise by more than 50%, resulting in a powerful yet relaxing experience blowing leaves away.

Speaking of power. the BV5600 has a massive 12 amp motor, blowing at a huge 250mph speed, making leaves and other debris vanish from sight quickly. Not only that; it also vacuums and mulches, reducing 16 bags of leaves into just one bag, making the bv5600 one of the most efficient all-in-one blowers on the market. One of the things I found most impressive about the Black and Decker BV5600 was its fan. A common experience for gardening enthusiasts of all levels of experience is the clogging of leaves inside their blower, causing time delays while the blockage has to be cleared out. The bv5600 has a very powerful fan that eliminates this problem entirely, so no more clogging and a smooth ride.

A versatile blower, it has 2 speeds available. The first speed option is best used in flower beds and more detailed work, while the second option at 250mph, is best used for large open area’s. To complement this versatility, Black and Decker has added great ease of operation to the BV5600, cutting out the need to change tools while switching from blowing to vacuuming. They have also added a retainer to keep the extension in place so it doesn’t keep coming out.

Whether used for cleaning out driveways, lawns or patio’s the bv5600 is powerful enough to not miss a thing, efficient enough to mulch until the job is done without clogging, and quiet enough to make for a relaxing weekend afternoon in the garden.


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