Things To Consider Before Buying Houseplants
19.03.2016 15:44

Do you buy houseplants on impulse, especially when you come across new varieties? We must learn to restrain ourselves and figure out where to place the plants, display effect, as well as how to take care of them.  We must also consider whether we should spend so much money to buy them.  Large plants are very expensive. It is also advisable to check around for the best prices.

Advice On How To Get The Plant Home Safely After Purchase

When a particularly large plant is purchased, request to have it delivered for you as taking it safely can be a problem.  Also try to transport tropical plants on warm days.  Protect the tender leaves and flowers with a polythene bag, or some sheets of newspaper, and seal it at the top to shield from cold air if the weather is cold. For small plants which may have brittle leaves and stems that can be easily damage, request the retailer to pack the plant in a cardboard box padded with some old newspaper in order to avoid crushing them during the journey home, especially if it's a long journey.


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